Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back at last.

Hi Everyone, yes I'm back at last, I had the most amazing trip away to the USA, I loved it all... every minute,

 not much sewing involved apart from a few stitches in my Gardeners Journal, which I'm still plodding along with and loving it, I was a little disappointed I didn't get to any patchwork or embroidery shops but I 'm going back one day and look out then.

Don't get me wrong though I saw some amazing sights and had lots and lots of fun, Aspen and Snowmass were picture perfect everyday,
I really love the snow.... shame I have only just discovered this in the last couple of years, better late than never I guess...
And New York.... well what can I say it was fabulous, so much to see and do, five days was not nearly long enough there, the three of us, my girls and I,  have decided we must try and get back there for a longer visit....

Since I have been back home we have been super busy but it looks like things might relax a little now so here I am back at my blog.
Last week I picked up two quilts from Glenda, my quilter friend, I was really happy with her quilting and now I am madly stitching the bindings on them, so exciting... I am about to tick two ufos off my list....Yahoo!
This week I am getting my bags packed and organised to take away on my annual sewing trip away with Helen and Sharon; this year we are going to stay in Lakes Entrance, we usually stay in Paynesville so this well be a big change, it will be lots of fun..... 3 1/2 whole days to just sew, I can't wait.