Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well what a beautiful place Lorne is, we loved it, found a couple of good book shops and a very stylish shoe shop (managed to resist the impulse to buy- mainly because I had left my purse in the car and I had get past the bank manager ccompanying me...you know 'do you really need that, when will you wear them' etc. serves me right for forgetting MY money).
The weather wasn't the best although we did have sunshine in between the wind and rain, it was dry while we walked into Erskine Falls - very pretty area and the falls were stunning. Then we walked to Teddy's Outlook- the long way -found out we could have driven there- but the exercise was lovely in amongst the very pretty bush with glimpses of the sea as we went, ( too cold for snakes thankfully); Wow! what a view.
After lunch in a beach side cafe, we walked out on the pier in the rain and wind (yuk! think I was a cat in my other life), then we drove out towards Apollo Bay, spotted two whales in close as we drove along the Great Ocean Road- no wonder it is such a big tourist attraction- so picturesque.
We had dinner in the restaurant at the Mantra where we stayed (very comfortable) on Friday night (delicious meal ) and decided we were too tired to go out Sat night so we ordered in gourmet pizzas ( again very tasty). Sunday we stopped off at the Queen Vic market on the way home and picked up a few supplies -fresh fish, lamb and steak( I thought it was way too big for a steak for one but hubby was very excited). Will post some photos soon. Have to go and mow the lawn, don't you just love Springtime, happy stitching; oops! nearly forgot to mention- I did manage to do some stitching not much though, bye for now Sheryl

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