Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi Everyone, no I haven't left town ......I think I am still getting over Easter although I have been doing lots of sewing... hand sewing because it is portable and we haven't been home much lately, I have a couple of photos to show you exactly what we have been doing but I can't seem to load them up today and my laptop seems to be having shut down issues like doing it before I have finished. Anyway I have been sewing something top secret and I have nearly finished it when its all done I will post some pics, so I will talk to you soon, happy stitching, Sheryl


Stina said...

Be sure you post some pictures soon...:o) I will look forward to them..:o)

Nic said...

Good to 'see' you again. Hurry along with those pics, we're all itching to take a peek.