Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh dear!!!!! its very clear to me I am about to have one of those days where I should have stayed in bed (so much for getting up at 6.30am)

Yes that is my angel story quilt in my earlier post, it took ages to sew all those little squares but they went together like they should have.....Yay!!!
Also I stitched a few threads of my beautiful Birch Point cross-stitch, cutout my next Dresden Plate block..... no 12 I think... there are 20 blocks to do for it.... so these are two of my favourite and older ufo's or maybe I should be calling them Wissssp....
I started the centre applique block of Phebe's quilt(bought pattern and fabric at craft show in Feb... nice not to wait too long to start that) and put in a stitch or two in a little Sheperds Bush sampler.
The three of us had a great couple of days.....we did plenty of sewing in between lots of laughs, lots of chatting, a bottle or two of bubbly and a few sherries and lots of coffee. Helen and Sharon (no blog girls) both finished a couple of projects which were inspiring I have a photo or two that I will post when I figure how to get rid of this gobbledy-gook that I getting in my post while I'm creating it but doesn't show when I preview or post??????
Right now I'm off to try and finish something for my May finish.... fingers crossed...

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Lorraine said...

Love your Angel Story quilt....glad you had a great weekend stitching with friends....no better way to spend a few days!! Looking forward to some more photos once you have got rid of the gremlins!!