Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well after reading about the "One Project a Month" Challenge I have signed up and hopefully I will finish a few more things off my ufo list than I did last year, think I only managed two projects last year....very slack.
Happened to mention my plan to DH at lunchtime today and quick as a wink he said do you realise we are halfway through January now and realistically because we are going away this weekend and probably the long weekend as well that leaves about 10 days ..... I told him I can sew in the car and on the boat but he just chuckled as he left.... so there is some more incentive for me to get going and finish something. Better go and stitch some borders onto a Christmas wall hanging I started in 2007 and see how I go.

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Nic said...

LOL That is the kind of response i would get from my husband too, i mentioned it to him.