Monday, January 19, 2009

Well it is warm again today 33-34'C which gives me a good reason to stay inside where its a bit cooler although it really isn't that bad.
We had a lovely trip on Friday to visit BIL and his wife at their holiday house on the lower south coast of NSW, about five hours away, the weather was perfect, we went for a run out to sea in their boat on Saturday,which was exciting for me (DH and the other two all go offshore fishing so they are used to it) and I didn't even feel seasick.... hmmm maybe I could go fishing.... think I would rather sew. We left about lunchtime yesterday and had a leisurely drive home, another perfect day
I did manage to put a few stitches in my Truly Scrumptious block I'm carting around everywhere with me, so its nearly finished.... I've only got eight to go..... another wisp.
I had better go and work on my project I am trying to finish for January.

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Christine said...

Look forward to seeing your Truly Scrumptious block. Must get back to mine soon.